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Hamza Rahimtula + Rajasthan Folkstars

New Delhi-based artist, Hamza Rahimtula is a DJ, producer, and record label head who has carved out a reputation for purveying organically-charged deep house and club-ready sonics with roots firmly planted in the authentic club sounds of the UK and US.

Teaming up with Rajasthan Folkstars - a group of well-known gypsy folk artists from Rajasthan called ‘Manganiyars’ who are world renowned for their music, Hamza Rahimtula and the Rajasthan Folkstars showcase a unique musical experience with their combination of House Music and Rajasthani Percussive instruments.

For Hamza Rahimtula + Rajasthan Folkstars, the challenge was to capture the energy and spirit of their live performances and the sheer artistic talent and distinctive personalities of each of the group's members.

We worked with the artists, their managers, lighting designers, and the director of photography to shoot and edit a series of music videos that served as an artist reel and promotional material for the group's future bookings.

Scope of Work

Video Production

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